General Questions

1. Is UVC sterilization really safe?

It is proven safe for humans but bad news for viruses, germs and bacteria. It has been around for decades and is applied in various health care, childcare, home, food & water industries.

2. Will UVC rays damage the skin or eyes?

Studies prove with proper usage, UVC rays from artificial sources will not present any acute or long-term hazard to human skin or eye. Please be mindful and handle them properly. Do not focus the UV rays directly on skin, eyes, humans, pets or children for entertainment.

3. Can UVC sterilization cause cancer?

According to the Health Physics Society (, UVC sterilizing with proper usage has not been shown to cause human skin cancer or other types of human cancer.

4. Is UVC Sterilization safe for pregnant ladies & their unborn baby?

According to research, UVC sterilizing rays cannot penetrate the dead skin layer that lines the surface of the body. Therefore, rest assured that there are no side effects on pregnant ladies or their unborn baby.

5. Is UVC sterilization safe for the food we consume?

Yes, it is safe to sterilize all groceries or take away food prepared by others. Scientists have found that UV light technology kills food-borne pathogens or other contaminations on the surface of fruits and vegetables.

6. Is UVC Sterilization effective on my phone or electronic gadgets?

Mobile phone, tablets, keys and sport watches are the dirtiest carriers of viruses, bacteria & germs. UVC sterilizing completely eliminates all traces of contamination to prevent cross infections. Your gadgets are completely safe during sterilization & not necessary to be switched off.

7. Can UVC Sterilization remove pungent smell or odours?

UVC light can reduce strange smells by decomposing the molecular structure of odor, such as milky smell of feeding bottle, medicine residues, moldy bibs, napkins or toothbrush heads.

8. What is the difference between traditional UVC lamp and UVC LED sterilization?

Both kills viruses, germs and bacteria by exposure to UVC light but UVC LED is the latest sterilization technology to date. It has 50% higher efficacy than traditional UV tube/lamp, thus shortening sterilization process in seconds compared to the 15-30 mins range. LED replaces the UVC lamp, which is made out of poisonous, ozone prone and non-environmentally friendly mercury tubes.

9. What can UVC LED sterilize?

UVC LED can sterilize a wide range of surfaces in different environments. However, kindly ensure they are dry before carrying out the sterilization process.

10. Can UVC LED technology disinfect and kill viruses, bacteria and germs?

Definitely Yes. The strong & high energy UVC LED beads eliminates 99.9% viruses, germs and bacteria by destroying their DNA & RNA structure physically. This prevents microorganisms from multiplying and thus, resulting in their inability to infect or be contagious.

11. Can UVC LED sterilization technology kill Covid-19, Coronavirus?

Absolutely, Yes. The new Coronavirus (Covid-19) is sensitive to UV light and heat! According to National Health and Medical Commission, UV is recommended as the FIRST CHOICE to kill coronavirus. Globally, hospitals are using UVC LED technology to effectively disinfect their environment and appliances to prevent cross contamination.

12. Our products are self-manufactured and developed by 59s. Who are they?

59s is the pioneer company who developed the UVC LED Sterilization Technology and the only company that incorporates this technology into consumer products. They are the major player in the sterilizing industry covering baby care, health care and medical use. All products have been thoroughly researched, developed and credited for safety and effectiveness by major councils globally. This company is nothing but the best in its class.

Shipping & Delivery

1. How long will the product be delivered to me after placing the order on the website?

Typically, it will be delivered approximately 3 working days within West Malaysia, and approximately around 7 working days for East Malaysia purchases. Kindly note delivery lead-time is of estimation and best effort only. The delivery speed by courier service providers might vary due to pandemic restrictions, public holidays or any unforeseen circumstances. Kindly refer d’ rytuals Shipping Policy for details.

2. Do I have to pay for delivery?

Within peninsular Malaysia, we will cover the delivery charges FOC. For East Malaysia, we will impose an additional RM10 for delivery charges.

Warranty & Exchange

1. How do I return a product that is damaged-upon-arrival?

Your satisfaction is important to us. In d’ rytuals, we will exchange your damaged item with a new one upon receiving your exchange request. This request is only valid when you inform our company within 3 days after receiving product.  Do refer to the d’ rytuals Warranty Policy for details.

2. What is the warranty period for the product? How do I proceed with a warranty claim?

Our products are covered with 1-year limited manufacturing defect warranty. Any negligence of handling will not be covered under the warranty condition. For more details on warranty claim, do refer to the d’ rytuals Warranty Policy.

3. Who will be paying for the exchange delivery charges for damaged-on-arrival and warranty claim?

For damaged-on-arrival situation, the shipping cost for returning the defective/damaged product to us will be borne by our company. You will be responsible for your own shipping cost for standard warranty exchange items to us.

The shipping cost of delivering replacement units to you for either one of the exchange situations will be borne by d’ rytuals. The time frame for exchange may vary depending on where you live and duration to verify the defect or damage with our manufacturer.

Do inform us before you send out for any warranty claim or damage-on-arrival exchange request. Contact us at